Monday, April 4, 2016

Atlanta Comedy Theater

In Gwinnett at the Atlanta Comedy Theater hosted by V-103''s Wanda Smith from the Ryan Cameron Morning Show.  The Comedians on the Friday line up were Kiana Dancie that is on this seasons Reality Show Atlanta Plastics getting her bags removed from under her eyes by Dr. Wright Jones. Comic Steve Brown and Headliner TC Kirkland.  Wanda Smith had everyone laughing after she had 3 audience members come on stage and show how they are in bed it was hilarious in between acts. Kiana talks about her young brother and her sex life. Comic Steve Brown had us in stitches about sex and everything  in between, if you haven't seen him perform please go see him he is great. And last but not least TK Kirkland was talking about his woman for the day and sex you have to see him as well. All this and more everyweekend at the Atlanta Comedy Theater on Jimmy Carter Blvd in Gwinnett County Georgia.

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