Friday, April 15, 2016

GhostBrothers Premiere on Destination America Channel Tonight


Last week 135th Street Agency put together a private event at Graveyard Tavern in Atlanta, with a luncheon and a private screening to watch GhostBrother's.  Do you all remember Ghost Busters?  Well I met Ghost Brothers last week, this is a new show coming on the Destination Channel tonight Friday August 15, 2016 9pm Central time so if you are not going to be home definitely DVR the show because I guarantee you will truly be interested. After the luncheon we had a little sit down Q&A with the guys. I asked could they put into words how you feel being on the plantation in the room and what feelings you get, they tried to put it into words but they did say sometimes they do run out of the rooms because they are really scared but of course we don't see that part, so of it is truly scary.  Do you want to know what happens on the scene of a ghost plantation, or a haunted house well definitely watch the first season of this show call Ghost Brothers and see what they can do to bust some Ghost.  

These three African American Brothers are friends two are clothing designers and 1 is a professional Barber and they get together to go GhostBusting.

Last week Graveyard Tavern hosted a luncheon and a private screening to watch GhostBrother's

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