Thursday, April 21, 2016

Karlie Redd Partnered With Posner Cosmetics

Karlie Redd partnered with Posner Cosmetics this last past July of 2015.  Posner Cosmetics is a well known cosmetics and hair care product popular in the African American community.  Karlie Redd celebrated her birthday last night here in Atlanta and Posner was there as one of her sponsors. Posner gave out gift bags as their gesture to show the new colors of Karlie Redd's lipstick line with them.  I had the nude color lipstick and the nude color lip gloss both smells good, and are smooth and creamy to go on your lip.  Thanks Posner and Karlie Redd for teaming up with Posner Cosmetics, looking forward to the next three years and what you will have in store for African American Women.


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