Saturday, April 2, 2016

KMichelle @dtlr Camp Creek Meet & Greet

KMichelle today +dtlrevents for her meet & greet!  KMichelle has a new CD out and it's entitled "More Issues Than Vogue".  K is touring all over the country promoting her new CD at some of the +DTLR Inc stores, and today was Atlanta's turn, Camp Creek +DTLR Inc  was packed and the line was down the side walk as KMichelle's fans waited patiently for her to arrive and sign their CD's.  KMichelle arrived driving herself and her assistant in a spanking brand new Rolls 2 door coupe, not sure if she rented it when she landed or not but she was driving.  K was very personable and enjoyed her fans and also did a couple of on radio interviews with V-103 who was also in the house and hosting the event with Radio Personality Emperor Searcy.  Some of the fans were crying by the time they got up to the table to get their CD's signed by K and she would tell them to stop and breathe, she is so sweet and polite with all her fans. Go get a copy if you haven't already it's worth it.   Just saw a video that KMichelle posted after her CD signing has K gone and changed her eye color like Tiny?  It looks good on her though, I maybe the first to notice it.  Check out her IG post rolling through the A. Congratulations KMichelle on the CD and the Eyes.

  for more photos from the event click the sight

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