Saturday, July 2, 2016

Essence Festival Walmart

Yesterday was the first day ofor the Essence festival and it was a day full of Meer and greets and lots to see. Essence along with all of their sponsors has done it again, from day meet and greets to the nightly concerts.  
During the day at the Convention Center full of life and lots of people piled into the center to see and get loads of information along with some free things as they walked around visiting all the booths.  On the Walmart stage a Family Feud game was played hosted by Nephew Tommy and the players were Kym White (Raising Whitley) Anthony Anderson (Blackish) and and HBCU intern they were playing and the questions werE about HBCU schools that was the white tem the blue team contestants were Wendy Raquel (The Game) and also an intern one of the questions was how many HBCU schools are there Kym answered the question correctly.   Check out the photos below....

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