Thursday, July 14, 2016

Frownies What are they?

Frownies!  Have you heard about these Frownies?  Well let me be the first to let you know they work.  I recently went to the @EssenceFestival in New Orleans, I was all over the place covering the events so of course I knew I wouldn't get much rest, and I didn't.  Frownies were my pick me up for my droopy bags under my eyes.  I would wake up after about two or three hours of sleep and pop those bad boys under my eyes and get my self ready for another day, after 30 minutes take them wala those bags were gone.  Well once I didn't smooth them all the way out like the directions say and I had a little pudge but even with that I still looked cute.  Check out my before with the Frownies on and my after pictures.  Thanks Frownies for letting me try these out #ad for promotional use.   

with frownies

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