Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Nancy's Pizza Working The Family Business

Nancy's Pizza Camp Creek Family Business!  So what do you do if you are a "Black Owned Business" and have children, do you let them grow up at home hanging with friends or do you pull them in to work the family business and teach the the ropes?  Greg Cole owner of Nancy's Pizza son had grown up and from his 14th birthday party that I was the photographer to now being 16 and working in the kitchen at Nancy's learning the business.  He has grown up in the last two years being as tall as his father and  not wanting pizza at his fourteenth birthday party to making pizza's for patrons in the kitchen.  So what would you do, would you bring the kids in to learn the business or let them be them and enjoy their summer hanging out at the house or with their friends?  I guess it is nice to have a business to bring the kids into to learn from the ground up and maybe be able to pass it on to them when they are older if that's their passion, it could just be your passion and they not want anything to do with it and they want to go in another direction, then what would you do?  Just some food for thought, great to see this son and dad working together.  

Then at 14

Now 16 @Nancy's Camp Creek

Greg & Son Brice

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