Monday, July 11, 2016

Stevie Baggs Jr on Match Made In Heaven The Finale'

Match Made In Heaven Season Finale'!  Match Made In Heaven hosted by Sherrie Sheppard on WETV every one has been tuned in for the last couple of weeks to watch this fine bachelor go thru eighteen women to choose one to maybe take home and marry.  Well the finale' was last Thursday night and I was sitting on the edge of my bed to see just who Mr. Stevie would choose.  Ms. Lola didn't want a white daughter in-law so did you think that would have any inpact on Stevie's decision to make his mom happy and also himself. 
Who did Stevie pick it was down to three women and Christina won his heart.  Which of the women were you rooting for Christina Roxie, or the other you lady. 
Well the final decision was made and it was Christina, so to see who came around that corner with Stevie Ms. Lola was elated to see him with Christina. 
Well there you have it she won. Now to see where this relationship really goes. Stay tuned I will defiantly keep you updated on Match Made In Heaven.

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