Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Annual Ballin4Lupus

Annual Ballin4Lupus! This was the 4th annual Ballin4 Lupus event put on by Blaq Pearl Entertainment owned by Bo Talley. Bo Talley started this event because of her aunt that passed away with this disease called Lupus years ago, and to bring more awareness to the communities about it. There are more and more people each day being diagnosed with Lupus and they don't understand what it is. Lupus can affect each person differently,

Understanding Your Symptoms

Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE or lupus) can affect any organ in the body and may cause a wide range of symptoms.

A Complicated, Unpredictable Disease

What's more, SLE symptoms can vary from person to person—and change over time, even within the same person. That’s why it’s so important for people with lupus to monitor their symptoms, even when they may seem minor, temporary, or unrelated to their other symptoms.
Over time, SLE can even lead to organ damage. It’s important that you understand your symptoms and share them with your healthcare team, because they could be signs that organ damage is occurring.
The more you know the more you can help someone that has Lupus.
This year's game coached were Towanda Braxton (BFV), Deb Antney (Love & Hip Hop Atl, Moma Lola (Match Made In Heaven), Erica Dixon (Love & Hip Hop Atl), Hostess Kiana Dancie (Comedian), Host DJ Waffles of BE100 Radio, and many more a host of celebrity players. This year's honorees were from all walks of life one young lady's husband drove her here from Texas and surprised her with an award, Tony Braxton was an honoree and her sister excepted it in her behalf, Ms. Deborah Jennings was also an honoree there were more. Great event keep up the good work Bo Talley.

Lil Zane and his adorable kids

Erica & Mingnon Dixon

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