Friday, August 12, 2016

Back To School Party with Kandi Burris and Bands

Kandi Burris +Macy's with Bring Back the 90's!  Kandi Burris and her Kandi Kares foundation brought book bags and school supplies for the kids, her two singing groups by the names of Loud and Glamour to Macy's for a back to school "Old School" Concert in the Teen department over the past weekend at Lenox Mall in Atlanta, GA.  There were performances by the the group (they performed TLC's song "What About Your Friends" )  and a fashion show hosted by QT Jazz for this event. The kids packed out the teen department and got to meet some of the band with a purchase.  Kandi Kares Foundation is geared towards single mothers, Kandi is always giving back.  Check her out this Fall on RHOA on +Bravo 

Kandi Baby Ace & Todd

Chanita Foster & her kids 

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