Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Have you heard about the "GodCompIX" well it aired on You Tube last eveing at 5pm and 8pm check out the links to see what the hype is all about.

Photos from the "GodComplX" screening on Friday can be downloaded here:

"GodComplX" premieres tonight at 5pm PT/8pm ET --
This series was created to change our perception of what society thinks a "tech genius" looks like. Thank you in advance for sharing!

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(LOS ANGELES) – November 1, 2016 - On FridayGoogle and YouTube Space LA hosted an exclusive screening at their Venice office for the new web series "GodComplX." Executive producer Claire Brown (EP of “Being Mary Jane” and “The Game”) and director Morenika Joela were on hand to celebrate with the cast, which includes Maya Washington (aka “Shameless Maya” on YouTube), Nick Moss, Joshua Michael Moore, Shayna Spiels, Caleb Hwangbo, and Priscilla Bawicia.
The evening began with a red carpet reception, followed by a screening of three 10-min episodes and a cast Q&A moderated by Daraiha Greene, Diversity in Entertainment Ambassador for Google’s CS In Media Team.
Told in 10 episodes, “GodComplX” chronicles the lives of 20-something tech geniuses who live under one roof in Silicon Beach. The series premieres TONIGHT at 5pm PT/8pm ET on YouTube
Follow the show on social media (below) and use hashtags #csforall #godcomplxseries #godcomplx
Instagram: @godcomplxseries
Twitter: @godcomplxseries

NameGodComplX RoleInstagramTwitterFacebook Link
Maya WashingtonCast/Sabrina@mayasworld@mayasworld
Nick MossCast/Reid@thenickmoss@NickMossBoss
Joshua Michael MooreCast/Hakim@_joshuamichaelmoore@_joshuamichaelm
Shayna SpielmanCast/Molly@shanayna_spiels@shayna_spielman
Caleb HwangboCast/Lee@chwangbo@HwangboCaleb
Priscilla BawiciaCast/Melinda@priscilla_bawicia@Priscilla_B_TC
Daraiha GreeneGoogle Project Manager@daraiha_sunshine@DaraihaSunshine
Morenike JoelaDirector@morenikejoela@morenikejoela
Claire BrownExecutive Producer/Creator@broonc@broonc
Joe SicoraWriter/Creator@joesicora1@JSicora

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