Monday, November 7, 2016

Married 2 Medicine Private Premiere

Married To Medicine Season Premiere!  Married 2 Med had a private Premiere in Atlanta at the W Hotel in Midtown last Thursday evening.  Everyone came out to watch and celebrate with the women of Married 2 Med.  All the women were there even Mariah was in formation.  We got a chance to watch the full episode with the ladies and a Q&A after with the hostess with the mostess Sasha The Diva from Kiss 104fm.  The ladies were all dressed to the 9 hair and shoe game on point.  So after last night I'm sure everyone watched the season premiere, so what do you think of the this baby situation with Lisa and her husband Dr. Darren, do you think he really want's a baby or is he being a good husband to his wife, what about they way Dr. Heavenly is behaving towards Lisa should she be concerned or not?  Quad with a brother and a live in brother baby momma?  Would you let your family move in to help them or would you do it from afar like Toya said?  Speaking of Toya and her tax issues what do you think about that, do you think her husband bit off more than he can chew with that big house and Toya's big ego?  What about Dr. Symone and her living situation between two homes and looking for her dad.  Dr. Jackie and selling her home and trying to decide between city life and country life with her husband? Dr. Heavenly going to be a godmother or not, and what's going on in her neck of the woods? There is a new doctor on the scene with his wife you didn't see to much of them but they will have a story line coming soon.  So so far what are your thoughts on this new season with Mariah coming back to maybe claim her status back or just some appearances here and there, or do you think she has a new alliance with someone else, or is she and Quad back together again, wait on it..... Did you guys catch my appearance on the show I was there and the camera caught me eating I was behind Lisa when Quad came in the room. Well we will see so sit back and put your seat belts on we are in for a bumpy ride for this season on Married 2 Med.

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