Thursday, April 27, 2017

Nick Cannon Spilling Tea on @WendyWilliams Show

Nick Cannon Spilling his Tea
on +Wendy Williams Show!  Nick Cannon was on the Wendy Williams show with Wendy all hour long talking Hot Topics with Wendy in the Purple chair from he and Mariah to TI and Tiny going on the road with their baby with Escape getting back together and then R. Kelly getting sued.  Nick then got on the couch with Wendy and talked about  was he and Mariah still sleeping together and Nick's answer was no he says he sleeps in his kids bedroom, and he has unconditional love for Mariah (Wendy does not believe him). Nick was asked the question about  his job on America's Got Talent what happened, he says when he said the night before the show aired that he got a phone call and they said they didn't like some of the things he said and it was making some people  feel uncomfortable, and he was doing comedy.  His art and character was placed on the line so he said  and he was going to stand for something.  He was making some cheddar on the show, no amount of money was worth his dignity, tell them to keep his money he good, they wanted him to come back but he said that's ok.  They had a call and they talked to some hire ups and they said they were not going to fire him but he had already made his decision so he stuck to his guns and that was that. They hired Tyra Banks in his position.  Nick wanted her to be with the Billionaire he wants Mairah to be happy who ever she is with.  What happened with him and Mariah, Nick said when you are in a relationship you are to grow and become one, it should be about growth and so when you get to a point and you are not  starting a family and you get to a point where there is no growth for either of you then he felt that he needed to be the best human being for his children that he be outside of the house.  How did he feel about the Billionaire that was dating his ex-wife and have Baby Mama number one met Baby Mama number 2 yet and the answer was no not yet.  

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