Tuesday, June 27, 2017

BET Awards

BET Awards were on!  BET Awards who watched?  I can admit I missed some of the Awards show but I did tape the last part because I chose to go to bed.  I saw New Edition perform and I was in heaven, I can't wait to see them here in Atlanta hopefully all including Johnny and Bobby.  Bobby didn't quite get all the moves but I guess he did enough to know that he remembered them, so proud of them.  Didn't get to see Mary's performance I hear it was really good and then her estranged husband had to send out a post on social media about them.  I did see Tamar Braxton's performance and some people say she lip synced I am not sure but it was a good performance.  I saw Future's performance what did you all think, I saw the people in the audience moving from side to side and singing the lyrics.  Was this BET more of Hip Hop Hollywood?  Well that's all I have for now. BET 2017 is one for the books.  

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