Thursday, June 8, 2017

Skin Care 101

Hello, do any of you have MEN that have problems shaving, like the ingrown hairs and such?  Well check out this post from Deanna who is the founder of Naples Soap Company.  Deanna is talking about summer time smooth skin take a look below......

Inline image 11.   Cleanse – cleansing the skin can prevent infections and remove dirt from the treatment area. The easiest way to cleanse the skin is to have a warm shower or bath that not only cleanses, but opens up the pores. 
2.  Exfoliate​ -​ ​A gentle exfoliation to the skin improves circulation and promotes regeneration of the skin cells.  This can be achieved through loofahs, washcloths, scrubs, and brushes.  You can also use body scrubs with sea salt which is gentle on the skin

3.   Soften Hair and Skin – heat and moisture is the most effective way to soften the hair and skin – use of a good, natural shaving cream can also be the key to a bump-free bikini area.

4.  Minimize Friction – when moving an implement across your skin to remove hair, it is important to resist friction – this can be accomplished using soap or cream.  Soothing and creamy elements such as shea butter help the glide, so look for the right blend.
What to do if you break out in pimples after removing hair?
1.      Soak a cotton swab in alcohol-free witch hazel and preferably cold aloe vera and apply to the bumpy area.

2.      After the witch hazel and aloe vera have evaporated, apply a few drops of pure, cold- pressed argan oil to the area. Use a gentle soap to eliminate further irritation.

Please let me know if you need more information or would like to speak with 
​Deanna, she would love to ​share other natural skincare solutions with you.

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