Sunday, July 9, 2017

Frownies to go

Frownies to go!  When packing for vacation on working vacation, going down South to New Orleans you must pack these essentials.  Frownies for the skin to protect from the sun and a good old moisturizer as one talk show host always have people on her show and she says a good moisturizer goes a long way, so moisturize and then moisturize again.  I have been using Frownies for about three weeks now and I must say my face is soft and no pimples, I think I am really enjoying this Frownies, it even comes with a spatula to dip it out with.  Thanks Frownies for this sponsored ad. They also have the under eye pads to keep the puffiness down, I really needed them seeing that I didn't get much sleep on this trip but I forgot to pack them, but next time I will have them in the bag as well.  I tried them and they work as well so if you haven't tried Frownies get with the program.  I like.  

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