Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Rhonda Ross performs at Essence Festival

Rhonda Ross who knew! Rhonda Ross is on the horizon and at the Mercedes Superdome in New Orleans performing live.

Ronda Ross, Diana Ross’s daughter graced us in the backstage press area. Burst out into tears, took her breath away, “thankful for all of those around her and supporting her and having “that conversation with yall” . Been professional singer/songwriter since she left college, 26 years. @ sounds Funky neo soul with base in jazz leans more towards base jazz. Jazz pianist husband and traditional  Jazz. She is both!!!!!!!Emmy nominated actress. Practice arts in all of their forms in life and in art producing acting written and directed screen plays very versatile women. Would love to work with India Arie, IN case you didn't know Kendrick Lamar is on the list .

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