Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Black Restaurant Week in Atlanta

Black Restaurant Week was a hit! On last Friday night here in Atlanta at 595 Event Space Black Restaurant Week kicked off it's first year with a bang. This was an event of Black Chefs from different cities under one roof and they brought their A Game. Some of the Chefs took the stage to show off their cooking skills by showing us what they could prepare in front of us, this segment was hosted by Kiana Dancie comedian brand new talk show host of TV Ones "Sisters Circle". Kiana brought the funny as the different Chefs prepared their dish for a table of 5 taste testers. The other Chefs brought samples for onlookers to try, and as you samples you go to the Verizon booth and vote for your favorite Chef or food that you liked. Chef they called him the Cheese Cake Man won the first prize. I wont tell you who was the best to me you will just have to come next year and see for yourself. Untill next year rember August 2018 Black Restaurant Week will continue.

Kiana Dancie (hostess)
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