Monday, November 6, 2017

Sabrina and Sharlinda's 1 Year Anniversary of Tu La 2

1 year anniversary of Tu La 2 Nail Salon!  Sharlinda and Sabrina celebrated a 1 year anniversary of their new location for Tu La 2 Nail Salon & Company last month.  MyHartEnt got an invite to come and attend the festivities.  If you have not been Tu La 2 you have to get in the chair and get pampered.  The sisters as always set it out "Royal Blue" style as they were dressed in their made to order outfits.  These two twin sisters have been in the business for some years and they have a strong client base out of this world, they will travel and across town and across country to get those nails and feet right for their clients.  Congratulations you two and much continued success.  The salon is located at 1133 Huff Rd NW Suite E Atlanta, GA 30318.  

Core Stacks 

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  1. Wow sounds like these two work very hard at what they do, love the pictures, both of them look so good in blue. Looking forward to more posts from you soon. Keep us posted.