Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Tippur oh Tippur!

Have you heard of the Tippur?
Well if you haven't you need to get you one or two?  Tippur is the new Nail Polish holder that can be your best friend.  Tippur holds your polish in place and even when the bottle is almost empty the Tippur tips the bottle so you can get to the bottom of the bottle with no problems.  I had my granddaughters and they love to get their nails polished, so I brought out the Tippur bottle holder and had a ball with it, holding the bottle and me polishing their nails and they watched me with out having to hold the bottle for me. These girls are always watching me getting my nails done so they want to copy all that I do. When my back was turned of course they were trying to polish their own nails.   Love love love this invention.  Get the Tippur 


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