Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Conversations with Rickey Smiley Show Cast

Rickey Smiley, Brandon Smiley his son, The Brat, Roger Bob executive producer.  IMG_3726

 Lamar Chase, TV One Production
Roger Bob, talks about season 4 bigger better and bolder.  Expanded cabinet members Gary and Ed lover helping rickey go thru the dating scene, directing on a game show, close friend that is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and how he deals with that.

Craig and DeEssence not in school have to move back in with her dad from Miami, dating the Brat's artist and how she is dealing with growing up,
Brandon into comedy
craig dating and going to college

Brat always got something going on, going back to prison and giving back
Gary infatuated with BEyonce' pregnant
added Ed Lover to the cast
bigger and better this year
so many story lines this season
]comedy and drama

Ricky talked about Craig graduating HS the kids growing into young adults
Love and hate with the morning show
a lot of funny stuff
really good content
teachable moments
he is truly excited and thanks bobcat films
and TV one for the opportunity

Ricky,  One thing that stand out -- daddy81 and -granddaddy 91 and in a cadillac going to Golden Corral with them acting like lamont and fred sanford funny and natural classic best scene to him

Lamar, with TVone what do you think the audience will relate too
RIcky 2 families the radio and home family, real teachable moments, bumps and bruises with family and how the adjust and how they grow up, how Ricky adjust to that.

The Brat------ hilarious saw a side that she was unfamiliar with, talk about what we will see from her this season.
The incarceration,---when she was in prision she did a talent show, they got to express them selves different, she gets to go back  you can;t get to visit if you are a convicted felon been out since 2011 and she got to go back the sleeping conditions, talking to the women, saw someone that was locked up with her and had gotten locked up again and she talked the this person to see why she got locked up again.
What helped you transition and get back to yourself after your transition;  my fans wrote me letters, family came to see her every week, when you have a purpose you have to be motivated

Brandon---- you and your siblings have been the staples in this series, how do you think you have grown during this time on the series
A blessing being on this show with my dad and little brothers, people come up to him on the street and say they understand and know what he is going thru and are inspired by him and all the things he is going thru on the this is real life  They are not they same people as they were in the first season its like therapy to them and they needed and brought the family closer together, real things they are going thru that people can learn from their family.

why is family so important right now--- from the point of view conversations about life, at the end of the day you need a foundation that everyone needs.
Good positive show that you can watch with kids or grand kids they put a lot of hard work into the show, more positive things

@tvone @rickeysmileyforreal

The Brat, amaxing family show, in and out of family music business, see they are real people and relateable one big family go thru situations encourage everyone to watch the show, laugh cry
experience the resolve

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