Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Essencefest @MercedesbenzSuperdome

Essence fest Night recaps!

Up first on June 29ths roster of talent performing at the 2017 NO LA Essence festival is rapper Goldlink. DC/MAryland based rapper. His comments included reasons for partnering with fellow performer GUCCI MANE and how he is well respected with the people back home and how he too fit the bill for their popular hit…

Next up is singer Gallant representing Marylad. Earlier we had a lovely performance by Yuna known to me as half duo from her song with Usher Raymond called “Crush” which leaves the listener feeling nostalgic in a primary school sort of way. Yuna is in this festival  is her first Malasia moved to America six years ago.!!!!!!”Incredible journey and glad to be here.” Working on her fourth album.

India Arie
Side bar -Collin from Austin ISOMzone : about whole listic healing, eating, living, and excercisng. Getting  Christopher Isom

M Reese Everson Esquire, Babes Winning in the Work Place on Amazon Sexual book based on helping women and people of color with dealing with sexul harrassment in the workplace.

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