Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Years Resolutions or Not

New Year's Resolutions or Not!  

So it's 2018 and everyone is into the New Year's Resolutions and the first things that's usually on the list is usually ta dah, the Gym right?  Well that may be for some people but not everyone, some people can not stand the gym or working out.  We know as you get older changing your eating habits and getting some exercise is great for the aging process but you have to make it a lifestyle change.  My Resolution is no Resolution I don't like the gym, I don't like to work out but I know I need to do something but what?  I went on Groupon and bought a 3 times dance workout but I haven't been yet, I have seen a new piece equipment on the TV that works the abs and legs only $200 if I buy this will I like working out I say yes, but will it just clog up my home and be another piece of furniture?  What a girl to do, I need help bad but I know I have to get off my Butt and start somewhere, this is my confession of Resolution or not so I will let you know where and when I get it all figured out.  My rant my method and my madness with my struggle of fit in 2018.  What is your struggle it's only January 2, 2018 363 more days to go.  

Happy New Year everyone I hope this maybe motivate you to do or not do for the healthy of yourself. 

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