Thursday, January 11, 2018


The Amazing You=NIVERSITY

Don't create a vision board or write out one New Year's resolution until you attend this event....if you are ready to really live your Best Life just in time for 2018, mark your calendar for  “The Amazing You-niversity" ...a live personal development experience that is sure to change your life! 
Hear from dynamic speakers with empowering information and knowledge to guide you to NEXT LEVEL LlVING. Topics such as “Get Your Mind Right", aimed to help balance a purpose driven life with CLARITY and VISION….. “Love Your Body” dispelling food & fitness myths and addressing real strategies for optimal health…” Spirit to Spirit: Pursuing Passion” a discussion on tapping into your spirit, de-stressing and pursuing your God-given passion. 

So this event I decided to attend at the last minute and I hate I missed the the half of the entire event.  When I say it really helped you get your life it really did.  I like a million other people in America watched What the Health on Netflix a program telling you why you shouldn't eat meat, well it got me so I stopped cold turkey back in August and stopped eating all meat, and then in November I added the shrimp and fish back to my diet.  After watching and listening to the people on the panel talk about some of the things that they didn't tell you in What the Health I want to go back to eating just vegetables. If you were not there you missed a wealth of informative information.  I did do some videos and I will post on my You Tube Channel for you to watch. Thanks Ask April Love for continuing to educate the world some people at a time, and thanks for thinking about inviting me.  

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