Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Credit in 2018 How Is Yours

LRC Profile PicSo how is your credit in 2018?  Mine is not the best and I guess it's not the worst either but it can be better?  I have been watching this young lady called the @thebudgetnista I have watched her on the the @TheRealDaytimeTV  and I followed her on Social Media.  I decided to sign up for her class to help me with my credit.  This is day one and already she is telling me to right my Credit Goals down, she says write down three goals that you want to achieve and share it with your friends.  Since you all are my friends I thought I would share this information with you.  If you all are like me and want a 700 score or better.  Well this is me sharing and I will continue to share in the days ahead.  Good luck to some of you who need it and some who want to improve.  Don't forget to hit her up Tiffany @thebudgetnista on all Social platforms. Good luck to everyone.

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