Friday, February 2, 2018

Valentine's Day Men's Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day Men's Gift Ideas!

So it's the 1st of the Month February that is and it's what? Valentine's Month, and some may or may not have Valentines Day on your mind or Heart yet, but if you do then here is a little something that you may consider for the men in your life.  Everyone don't think that you may need a slipper or two to walk around during the cold winter months with something on your feet but hey take a look at these cuties for dad, hubby or even boyfriend.

Look no further than of Staheekum! Home to the coziest slippers, the brand uses some of the finest materials including sheepskin linings, flannel and velvety suede uppers.

This is the perfect pair of slippers to slide into after a long day of work and the best part is, they’re incredibly affordable ranging from $40-$65.

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