Sunday, March 11, 2018

Kevon Edmonds at the NHHExpo in Birmingham Alabama

About yesterday so I am walking thru the NHHExpo in Birmingham Alabama and I noticed this young man with this hat on that said KING  and I was telling my mom that is my friend Eddie's Brand I wonder if that is the artist that he brought down with him to perform.  So as we were looking at him a guy with a Hot 107.7 comes up and my mom ask him do you know who this guy is and he said it's Kevon Baby Face brother and I was like oh wow I use to love him back in the day I love his CD.  So after he was done talking to this other guy my mom asked him are you Baby Face little brother and he says I am Baby Face big brother and we laughed and he told us that he use to be with the group "After 7" and he had a new project out.  I told Kevon Edmonds that I loved his solo project and I use to kill that CD all the entitled Kevon 24/7.  So of course the next thing was can I take a picture and he was like sure and his wife thought I wanted to take it with him and my mom and I said no just you.  Gotta love asking questions of people, if I wasn't the person the blogger I would not have gotten this information from the horses mouth, I will be checking out his new work.  Good luck Kevon and thanks for taking the time to talk to me and my mom at the Natural Hair Expo in Birmingham Alabama.  You never know who you will run into anywhere you go.  Atlanta Blogger and her Cannon Camera.

This was the CD that I love so much from Kevon Edmonds

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