Saturday, March 3, 2018

"The Female Planet" a video series from Google's VR

 Google's VR video series "The Female Planet" 
This young girl is 22 years old, MIT grad, working at Boeing on the project to send humans to Mars. 

True #blackexcellence for #blackhistorymonth.

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NOTE: enjoy this 360-degree video even more by using a VR viewer!

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Episode description
In the virtual reality series "The Female Planet," watch the story of Tiera Fletcher, a Boeing aerospace engineer designing the rocket to launch humankind to the moon and on to Mars.  Get a 360 degree look into Tiera's career, the groundbreaking work she's doing with NASA and Boeing, and how she's leading the "Mars generation."

About "The Female Planet" Series

“The Female Planet” is a VR video series from Google and Surround Vision that captures the daily lives of amazing female role models around the world. “The Female Planet” delves into the personal and professional experiences of five extraordinary women with careers spanning technology, science, sports, and the arts. Follow in their footsteps as they take you through their day-to-day routines. You’ll see inside their workplaces, hear firsthand why they chose the paths they’re on now, and get to know what pushed them to keep moving forward.  

About Tiera Fletcher
Born and raised in a small town near Atlanta, Georgia, Tiera Fletcher (Guinn) has had a passion for aerospace engineering since the tender age of eleven. Before then, she had aspirations of being a scientist, inventor, architect, mathematician, and many other careers within the field of STEM. It was not until she became introduced to the field of aerospace engineering that she realized her true dream. At 22, Tiera is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s of Science in Aerospace Engineering and currently serves as a Structural Analysis Engineer at The Boeing Company in Huntsville, AL where she's specifically working on NASA’s Space Launch System (the rocket NASA plans to send to Mars). She has a strong interest in helping upcoming generations to realize and achieve their dreams. Tiera enjoys speaking to youth to not only encourage them to become more involved in STEM, but to reach their goals in any field they wish to pursue.

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