Thursday, July 5, 2018

Kandi Koated Nights on BRAVO

Kandi Koated Nights on BRAVO!

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@therea_lNikkiNicole08  #KandiKoatedNights

Kandi Koated Nights has come a long way from Smyrna, GA at the TAGS Boutique store.  I remember going there to watch the show that was being taped for online viewers and a live in store audience.  Back in the day it was Kandi, the funny NikkiNicole and The DJAOne, somethimes Funky Dineva would show up and host as well.  With this fun cast you never knew who would be on the panel let alone just show up at the store to get in on some of the fun.  So recently I was watching Kandi's Instastory and saw that they were bringing the Kandi Koated Nights to BRAVO her station where you see her on RHOA (Real House Wives of Atlanta)  I was truly ecstatic because I loved the shows and all the antics so I couldn't wait until July 1, 2018 to see them all in action again, because I have been following Kandi with all her goings on and NikkiNicole with all the things she has going on.  
To my surprise there were three host again on the show DJAOne was behind the turntable Todd Tucker Kandi's husband is the producer and out front and Kandi is hosting but there was no Nikki Nicole and I am pretty sure on Kandi's Insta story she had all of the crew in the car going or in New York and it said they were all back, well that's not what I saw, I believe unless Nikki Nicole has gained some weight and got a tan there was another lady on the show on the couch hosting. So my thing is what happened from the time they created the Insta story on Insta gram to the time they taped the show for BRAVO that aired on July 1st?  Someone please help me, am I the only person that recognize this area on the show?  Kandi, Nikki Nicole where are you?  What happened to Nikki Nicole and the Old Kandi Koated Nights crew? 

Pictures from Nikki Nicole IG page

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