Sunday, August 12, 2018

Kamaya Da Lash Plug 1st Atlanta Class 2018

Kamaya owner of Da Lash Plug!

A Young Black Business Owner Kamaya Da Plug on IG (Insta Gram) has started her on lash business and now she is in the teaching business, teaching lash classes that is.  Kamaya left the corporate world as a Social Worker for kids with issues in a group home to pursue one of her passions as an entrepreneur , after taking her class to be a certified eyelash tech Kamaya decided to teach and lash, give the knowledge that she has learned to others.  During her teaching she drops little nuggets of her struggle with life and lashes. During her class I got to talk with all the ladies watching their struggles of catching on to their rhythm of getting the lashes on the manikins eye.
Check out her interview.   

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