Saturday, January 19, 2019

OWN's new Love & Marriage Huntsville

Have you been watching OWN's new reality TV Show Love & Marriage Huntsville?  

Well if you haven't you need to check it out.  Yesterday I got a chance to sit down with the ladies of the show with lunch and Q&A in Atlanta.  

The three ladies are great friends and all are in a joint business colobration with their perspective husbands and its called "The Come Back Group".  These three couples are putting Huntsville, Alabama on the map with the help of OWN Network.  These ladies  Melody (Martel) Holt, Latisha (Marasau) Scott and Kimmi (Maurice) Scott are heavy hitters in their town of Huntsville and building it up brick by brick literally, oh and did I mention Marasau and Scott are brothers.  They all have different personalities  but they mesh quite well together.  They like to refer to Kimmi as the mother because she is older than everyone, and if you watch the video and the show they all capture a piece of your heart.  The husbands on the other hand one in particular (Marasau) rubs you the wrong way in the first episode, but the ladies assure you that you will begin to come around to him as you understand his humor throughout the episodes.  I had watched the first episode and when I got the opportunity to go meet with them I was like yes I would love to see these people in person and get my feel on them, glad I did.  Nice as can be and they want their town (Huntsville) to be on the map like the ATL, side bar, they want  people to come and visit, they say Face Book is moving there and they have NASA.

Who knew little old Huntsville, Alabama had it going on like that.

Check them out on OWN on Saturday nights after Iyanla Fix my life  

OWN's Love & Marriage Huntsville 


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