Friday, January 18, 2019

SluttyVegan Soft Opening in Atlanta

SluttyVegan Soft Opening on Last Saturday in Atlanta, GA

All hale to the Slutty Vegan from the Food Truck to the Brick and Mortor home on Ralph David Abernathy Rd. Atlanta, GA.  If you want to get your Vegan fix on try them out, it's all the craze in Atlanta right, now they have everyone standing on line for hours at a time to get their fix of Vegan burger.  Everyone is social with one another, you can't help to conversate after standing next to the person for hours on end you gotta get to know the person you are stading next too.

These burgers are so delicious, it's worth the wait and more, believe me before the opening I along with my nephew and grandson stood online for four hours to check out all the hype of the Slutty Vegan Burger.  I was impressed, we purchased 4 burgers that night, fussy hussy, one night stand, sloppy toppy and menage' e trois, you better get their early like before they open so you want to stand online long.  But to me the fun is the standing in line part until you unwrap that burger and bite into it, oh my you will be in heaven.  

Sheree' Whitfield, Angel McCoughtry, Dice, Juicy from the Rickey Smiely Morning Show and more.

Dice (Dice Respect My Hustle) hoodie

Congratulations Pinky on the Slutty Vegan, see you real soon!

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