Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Launch of Aventer Gray's Harmony Reign in Greenville, South Carolina

Hello everyone, I know it's been a while since I blessed you with a great post.

I had the pleasure of driving down to Greenville, SC with a fellow blogger/friend of mine and we had the best road trip from Atlanta to South Carolina, on this past Sunday wonderful conversations in that SUV and that's where they will stay. but for you I have some great blogger stuff. 

So I know you all know by now from the OWN network The Book of John Gray correct? If you don't then you clearly have been under a rock somewhere because his wife is a great speaker, dancer and prayer worrier, and her name is Aventer Gray! Aventer Gray is inventing her own self with her awesome new BRAND.  Aventer Gray is calling it Harmony Reign. Harmony Reign was birthed a few years back but Aventer decided to bring it to the forefront in Greenville, SC in her new home state. The event was held at the Hyatt Regency in South Carolina where they reside and Pastor their new Church Relentless in Carolina. What is it you ask what is Harmony Reign? The entrance to the event was full of balloons and flowers you thought you were stepping into Tyler Perry's Movie set Madea's Family Reunion the wedding scene it was so very well put together whimsical I can say just gorgeous.  
Tisha Campbell-Martin Aventer Gray Letoya Luckett AJ Johnson
Tasha Cobb-Leonard & Councilwoman 

The launch is a collection of products that Aventer is coming out with to market everyone, the products are candles that smell amazing as (Letoya Luckett-Walker and Tisha Campbell-Martin) said, lipsticks and a journal with quotes and prayers inside, thus far she has more products coming out later. There was a live painter 

in the house while everyone was walking around mingling she was getting down with her bad self with the live painting.  During the event their were stations set up with cards and they had a prayer box to put your prayer's in after you wrote them down, there was a couple of foot massage stations, a swing for pictures, a glass box for photos. 

Food stations and a DJ that kept on coming with the hits.  AJ Johnson a good friend of Aventers' along with Tisha Campbell-Martin, Tasha Cobb-Leonard and councilwoman Shayla Nealy from Fairburn, GA were sitting on the panel that was moderated by Letoya Luckett-Walker who are all great friends with Aventer and know her well, the questions were asked how do you know Aventer and everyone told how they met her and how she spoke positive over there lives. There were an abundance of people in the place to see the great launch of Aventer Gray's. Everyone was so nice and pleasant I also ran into another friend the great photographer Drea Nicole was working her camera for the event she even did some photos of Aventer before the event check her out. 

This was such an amazing trip, glad I came and shared it with my friend Congratulations @Iamaventergray 

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