Sunday, June 2, 2019

Celebration of life to Graduation Celebration


Celebration of Life that someone has passed on to a Graduation Celebration, how do you celebrate ones life that they have lived on this earth for numerous of years without a funeral?  I attended the home going service of my great aunt on yesterday at Willie Watkins Funeral Home in West End, Atlanta, GA and I think it was a great representation of my Aunt Mamie's life with friends and family although I didn't really fully grieve I think it was a exceptional home going service, people got up and spoke about what an incredible loving woman she was and that now that she is on the other side and you asked her if she could come back over on this side she would probably say I will see you when you make it over here.  Long live my great Aunt Mamie Lou you will be missed but God missed you more. I have to say some families are great at getting together when someone dies but not so good when we are still walking the earth, I say give everyone their flowers when they are living so they can smell them and enjoy them.  I saw my aunt the last time she was in the hospital I walked over from work and saw her and sat and talked with her for a couple of hours and she seemed to be doing good even though she was in there to get her toes amputated she was in good spirits, I can't remember what month it was but it wasn't that long ago.  Then on Friday I get a call that she was in the hospital again and not doing very well she was in ICU and on Saturday I gave her daughter a call and she said she wasn't doing to well I told her I would see her in a little while but before I could get there I got a call and my dad said she had passed away, I still went to the hospital to see her for the very last time in the hospital bed again at Crawford Long which is now named Emory Midtown, as I entered the room with all the family there to say good by it still didn't seem real to me, now I have gone thru a lot of deaths in the last couple of years and it doesn't get  any easier but again I know every one's lives are busy but just carve out a little time to call text or go by and visit your elderly family members and give them those FLOWER's while they are walking the earth with you. 

Now to a celebration of a milestone in the young peoples lives I went to Kennedy Rose graduation party, Ken graduated from North Atlanta High School, she will be attending a school in New York City, congratulations Kennedy. 

Next to Cam's graduation party my girlfriend Amia's stepson graduated from High School also.  

Onward and upward for these young grad's they have their whole lives ahead of them the sky is the limit go and get all that you want and more.

Congratulations to all the 2019 graduates from High School, College, Middle School, Kindergarten and more.... The sky is the limit just reach for it. 

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