Thursday, August 8, 2019

Bronner Brothers 2019 Hair Show

Well it's that time of year August has crept up on us and the Bronner Brothers Summer Hair show will be in full effect in a couple of weeks. Downtown Atlanta will be inundated with all kinds of hair hair and more hair styles. Are you ready for the Bronner Hair take over? What styles are you looking for, what classes are you interested in and what new trend will you be watching for. What new tool is it that you need to buy or is it that shampoo and conditioner that you need for that special client that you can get for a discounted price during show time. Whatever your reason for visiting Atlanta it will be a very Hair day! I like to watch for new styles myself and even the fashion with the hair, it's amazing how these hairstylist come up with such trending and hot topic hair styles. Oh and the hair contest are to die for. Whatever you are searching for it all leads to Atlanta in August for Bronner Brothers Hair Show

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