Monday, August 12, 2019

School Days with your 19*20 Academic Planner

Hello School Day's

Hello School Day's that means Summer is over and School is in.  How do you prepare for this?  The kids know once the TV commercials start then it's time for back to school shopping for new clothes or uniforms depending on your school district, then there are the new shoes or sneakers depending on your preference. 

 What else you say you need, some are a little disoriented or not so complacent or the procrastinators need a little tug in the help me get organized section of their lives. 
 Well we have something you to help you get on your feet a fresh start for the 2019/20 school calendar year.  What is it you parents' ask, well it's a great organizer for your precious ones that you say may lack in that department of dragging their feet with school assignments or chores or their schedules of book reports or practice, now they can enter everything in this one big organizer and you can check or even put in what you want them to remember and wa la it's done, now who's to say if they will remember to look inside the organizer but it's a start to the the big year, may they be 10 to 17 try it to see I think the kids and the parents will be very impressed with the big book of organization, heck I think I want one of my own because I need a little organization in my life. New year new beginnings. 

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