Friday, August 9, 2019

Snowfall Premiere Season 3 at Phipps Plaza

Snowfall Premier Season 3

Snowfall Premiere Season 3 with Ryan Cameron hosting the private screening.  I have never watched Snowfall to be honest, but after seeing the premier and meeting the cast I was like wow I have truly been missing out on a great story.  This was mind blowing intriguing and seat gripping all in one episode so I can just imagine once I binge watch the entire past two season what will I think.  These characters are truly convincing of the characters that are set in front of you on the big screen.  During my small chat with the mother's character of the young man that's behind all of this and seeing her view or take on how she handles the situations that are dealt her I am amazed and really want to see more.  So if you have not been watching this show you are truly in for a treat. So I suggest you find FX on your cable and get to watching and binge watching Snowfall the TV show. 

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