Sunday, September 8, 2019

Le Lee Lyons new book I Regret The Day

Le Lee Lyons of SWV has a new book

I Regret The Day Lost My Virginity!

LeLee wrote a book, did you hear about that? Well you have to check it out, Barnes and Noble get your copy soon and read all about her young life. All her friends and family were in attendance, her band mate Co Co Clemmons was there and she talked about LeLee, her sister talked about one of the stories that she tells in the book and her daughter and son talk about their mom. LeLee had a Q&A and she answered a lot of questions with out giving away the entire book, so you have to buy it to get the scoop I can give you just a little bit. One story was how she went out with this guy but since she didn't want to give up the goodies he put her out at 2:00am in the morning on the highway, he met her she had her baby in a stroller and so you know a man thinks if you got a baby then you are giving up the goods, little did he know and little did she know, so to get the whole story you have to go and buy the book.  LeLee from singing to writing.

Co Co from SWV talks about her newly divorce

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