Friday, November 20, 2020



Stuff Stockings This Season with 

The Aftermask


When your COVID Mask Comes Off, Your Aftermask Should Go On! Pandemic times and continuous mask wearing are part of our daily reality, but “Mask Face” doesn't have to be. Gift your friends and loved ones this holiday season with The Aftermask – a cleansing, nutrient-rich demi-sheet mask that heals, balances and rejuvenates your COVID-mask weary cheeks, mouth and chin.

Let's kick "Mask-ne" to the curb this holiday season by sharing The Aftermask with your readers in your holiday gift guide!

Sweat and bacteria build up, dry patches, rashes, irritation, acne, or just a feeling that your skin has lost its brightness and healthy texture are plaguing so many of us from wearing COVID masks hours at a time.

That's where The Aftermask comes in - a fragrance free, cruelty free, nutrient-dense sheet mask that is cut and designed to mimic exactly where our faces are covered by COVID masks all day. The Aftermask's formula infuses skin with a cleansing, therapeutic serum to bring skin back into balance.

Unlike full-face sheet masks which can feel claustrophobic and cumbersome, The Aftermask only covers the parts of the face affected by our daily COVID-19 mask wearing and conforms comfortably to the skin.

How It Works

Once your COVID mask is removed for the day, pop on The Aftermask for just 20-30 minutes to heal, cleanse and restore your skin.


Treat your mask-weary face to a relaxing infusion of ingredients, including: aloe leaf extract, cucumber fruit extract, burdock roots extract, hyaluronic acid, hemp seed oil, lemon peel oil and lavender oil.

The Aftermask is available in single mask packages for $8.99 or a pack of 5 for $34.99, and ships anywhere in the United States. The Aftermask can be purchased at and through Instagram @the_aftermask

The Aftermask is a must for holiday gift guides – perfect for women, perfect for men, perfect for teens… perfect for anyone who wants to save their face after hours of COVID mask wearing!

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