Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Kaya's Magical Unicorn Slime Experiment

 Press Release:

Mother Writes 3rd Children Book "Kaya’s Magical Unicorn Slime Experiment" To Encourage Young Black Girls To Explore STEM


ATLANTA, GA - March 16, 2021 --  A New York-based company, Urban G3M ran by Crystal De Bouse, a mother of four is excited for the release of her new children's book "Kaya’s Magical Unicorn Slime Experiment."

Kaya’s Magical Unicorn Slime Experiment tells the story of a seven-year-old scientist that uses the scientific method to create the perfect slime concoction. Kaya's process is fun, engaging, easy to read, and it's for all children that love to get their hands dirty and who enjoy "at home" projects. Readers can expect to learn a simple slime recipe they can try on their own. 

Author Crystal De Bouse is no newbie when it comes to children’s books. Her first novel, Love is Love, is on the Amazon Best Seller lists. This book as well as her other one, You Are A Super Mama is inspired by her experiences as a mother raising four young children. With a series of self-published children’s books, De Bouse seeks to encourage readers to learn, experiment, and dream. 

Kaya’s Magical Unicorn Slime Experiment is now available in both paperback ($10.99) and hardcover ($17.99). 

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